Parties - RSVP by calling or emailing according to information published in the party invitation.  If you are not a member, please call us at the membership line or by email to giving us a way to contact you. No one may attend a party as a guest unless sponsored by a member or through contact with our membership person (please allow several days for contact)

Bring your own towel to sit on. This is common sense to keep things clean and respect your host. 

Membership Dues - They are due July 1st of each year. Please pay them on time.

Drinks and Food - Food, soft drinks, beer and sometimes wine will be provided. Do not BYOB. Drink responsibly - do not overindulge or you will be escorted from the party.

Absolutely no drugs at any of our events. Violation means immediate expulsion from LSNG.

No pictures without the prior permission from the party hosts and the individuals involved. All members including new ones, can have their photo taken and placed in the club album if they so choose. Pictures will be taken by Steering Committee members.

No smoking except when permitted by the party host and in the proper designated areas.

Club Publications are never to be distributed to people outside the group. This includes party invitations, newsletters, and member directories. Violations will  result in termination of membership.

No open sex. LSNG is a non-sexual group. Use good judgment regarding sexuality. Hosts may, at their discretion, set aside a private area for other activity after the LSNG function has ended.

Help keep the party location clean and orderly. If you make a mess, clean it up.

Guidelines. If you would like further reading about the guidelines of our group click here. 


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